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1216 Melton Rd, Syston, Leicester LE7 2HB


We serve a huge full breakfast on an oval plate for £5.85

Paninis are a speciality with Bacon and Brie proving a favourite.

Our Jacket potatoes are baked in a proper potato oven which produces a crispy skin and a fluffy interior. They work well with Tuna Mayo, Chilli and Cheese,  Prawns and any of our 5 other fillings.

Our sandwiches are freshly made and we use bloomer granary or white bread.

All our sandwiches, paninis , jackets and toasties are served with a fresh salad garnish.

Salads, such as Chicken and Bacon or Salmon and Prawn are served in a large bowl along with freshly baked baguette and dressing.


All our dishes, including our breakfasts are cooked to order.

All our drinks are made with care and attention. Our most popular drink is the Latte, closely followed by large Cappuccino and Americano. We also serve speciality teas, milk shakes, Chai Latte along with a wide range of cold drinks